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Git is a powerful tool. And, in my opinion, the only version control system software developers should be using in 2020. Perhaps there will be a new king in town one day. But in 2020, Git is the only solution worth investing your time with. Why? Because everyone uses it! Literally, everyone.

However, not everyone is an expert with git! These are three git commands that I believe you should NEVER use unless you truly understand what you’re doing!

Update 11/26/2020: This article got WAY more traction than I was expecting and there are a lot of comments with valid…

I’ve been getting a lot of financial questions lately. Probably because I’ve been entrenched in learning all that I can about investing and seemingly the more I research and learn for myself about finances the more questions I get from people asking me about what they should be doing. And I’m happy to oblige! Quite honestly, the increase in questions is likely prompted by my own increase in my desire to discuss financials! It’s all I want to talk about lately. This article is to distill, at a very high level, all of what and why I’m doing what I’m…

When observing modern programming languages you can generally group them into one of two categories. Compiled or interpreted.

In actuality there is a bit of a blurry line between what is considered a compiled language or an interpreted language. It’s not entirely black and white. For instance, Java toes the line by being compiled into Java bytecode but still executing on the Java Runtime Environment? It’s weird… Python code can also be compiled! However, this article will discuss the differences between compiled and interpreted languages as if they’re distinct.

As we discussed in the previous chapter of The Embedded Engineer’s…

I want to write a series of articles for the primary purpose of simply documenting all of the topics which I have, at multiple points in my career, just wanted to explain to someone. In a professional setting, there isn’t always an abundance of time with which I could dive deep into a topic with an individual. So, these articles are for future me. I am writing this all to give myself a place to point someone to when they’ve asked me a question on a topic I’ve already written about extensively. And, by extension, I hope that you as…

It is Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. Yes, I know that the article itself will have this date on it but this article isn’t for a reader.

It’s for me.

Today is the day that, hopefully, I begin truly putting effort into creating something of my own. I’m not sure what that will be, but I think it’s time to start building. At the end of the day, all I know is that I want to be able to look back at my life and see that I gave back more to this world than I took as my own. Lately…

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Research Engineer — Bored Millennial

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